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Jumbo Queen of Thailand
The 1st Jumbo Queen of Thailand 
   Wallaya Thongsak,costume designer, graduated fromSilpakorn University took the crown of 1st Jumbo Queen of Thailand.Her 76 kg, 162 cm. height, and 38-33-42 with a very beautiful dress impressed all audience and committee. Now she is the owner of milk and bread shop near Kasetsart University
Jumbo Queen’ 1998 
   Big brainy and beautiful,23 year -old Supatthanee Chamornmarn,a student at Bournemouth and Poole College in the UK,took the coveted Jumbo Queen crown at second contest in 1998. Her 85 kg, 164 cm, 40-35-48 impressed the large audience with her charming Barbie Girl dance. “It is a tremendous honor which is made all the more special as it is the firstaward I have ever won.I am certain that being Jumbo Queen will be valuable experience for me and I hope that my success can help boost the self esteem of largeladies everywhere. Speaking of her delight at being crowned.
Jumbo Queen’ 1989 
   Inporn Inyam, A pharmacy officer who tipped the scales at 90 kg, 40-36-50 and deemed to the best display the grace, eleganceand enormity of the elephant was crowned Jumbo Queen 1999.“I will do my best to bring to public attention the plight of Thai elephants and to help in any way I can to solve their problems in the right way.
Jumbo Queen’ 2000 
   Supavadee Chanpen,a Master’s degree holder from Chulalongkorn University in social psychology has been crowned the 4th Jumbo Queen of Thailand. Should I be granted three wishes, I would ask to have the strength of body and mind to fight the battles of everyday life, to have enough money to share with those with less fortunate,and finally, to have my first and second wishes come true for everyone Supavadee Chanpen,or Nong Tonsom, won with her smart interview. Asked about the plight of elephants in Thailand,she said, I think the conservation of elephants, as well as any naturalresource, cannot be realized without everyone’s cooperation. We there fore need your assistance to help conserve our country’s elephants.
Jumbo Queen’ 2001
   Big and pretty, Ms. Soraya Srimitr, a singing and dancing talent from the play Vimarn Meung took the coveted Jumbo Queen crown and won Miss Photogenic title in the contest from her Latin dance on the stage. Her 102 kg, 164 cm, 40-44-52 impressed the large audience with her charming, Joyful and ability.
Jumbo Queen’ 2002 
   Sirintarika Santhisiri, the 30 year old, 100 kilo, 175 cm and mother of one was crowned Jumbo Queen 2002 and Miss Photogenic.The Flamenco dance routine clinched it, impressing judgesand audiences.She believed her sweet smile had been a deciding factor. Sirintarika graduate from Sri Pathum University and work for an educational television programme.


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